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Contributing to the DataMiner docs

Welcome to the contributor guide!

Our documentation is open to contributions from any user. Contributions are created, reviewed, and merged via GitHub. This guide will explain how you can add and review contributions, ranging from simple changes to a single page, to larger changes where entire sections of the documentation are added or modified.


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General guidelines

  • Use US English spelling when you contribute to the DataMiner documentation.

  • Try to conform to the Microsoft Style Guide as much as possible.

  • Use DocFX Flavored Markdown (DFM). If you are unfamiliar with this syntax, see Markdown syntax.

  • Do not make changes to the root folder of the repository, to the .github folder, or to the templates folder. As a rule, such changes will be rejected.


As our way of working is very similar to the approach used for Microsoft Docs, it can be useful to take a look at the Microsoft Docs Contributor Guide for additional information and guidelines.

For more information about DocFX, you can also refer to Getting Started with DocFX.

For more information on GitHub pull requests, see Pull requests.