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DataMiner Digital Transformation Suite

The DataMiner Digital Transformation Suite is your best stepping stone to digitizing processes across the media and broadband supply chain. The platform is highly configurable and scalable, and it meets the needs of the most demanding process automation and data exchange activities. Not only is the modeling of processes based on the industry-standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN by, the openness of the DataMiner platform comes to full fruition from its flexible data object modeling, integrated service and resource management, best-in-class data acquisition and control layer, collaboration services, AI-powered augmented operation,, and much more.

Go to Digital Transformation to find out more about the unique set of tools that DataMiner has to offer. For even more details, we highly recommend that you visit DataMiner Digital Transformation Suite on the DataMiner Dojo Community Platform. This includes:

  • How to manage your data and automate your processes
  • How to set up processes across business teams, operations, and ICT media and broadband technical teams, no longer isolating the business, operational, and technical processes, such as the deployment, monitoring, and orchestration of infrastructure
  • The powerful and versatile data acquisition and control layer
  • Collaboration across teams, suppliers, and customers to create endless possibilities (ChatOps, Dashboard Sharing, Custom Applications, and dynamic deployment of new APIs)
  • Augmented Operation, powered by AI