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Open software platform for any of your monitoring and orchestration needs

DataMiner is built around the following strategic pillars:

  • Network Management System: "Your system exactly the way you want it"

    DataMiner enables end-to-end integration of even the most complex technical ecosystems.


  • Orchestration and Automation: "Unlock all possible potential"

    The highly advanced orchestration and automation capabilities make DataMiner stand out from the rest.


  • AI and Augmented Operation: "Go beyond the limits of the human brain"

    Taking proactiveness to a whole new level, with built-in AI that analyzes data on the fly.


  • Data Acquisition and Control Plane: "Consolidate all data across all data sources"

    Build your data-driven operation on a rock-solid standardized foundation.



A general overview can be found at For more details, please visit the DataMiner Community.