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By creating value for the DataMiner community, you earn DevOps Points. Not only do these points determine your DevOps Professional level, they also allow you to enjoy the plentiful benefits attached to the DevOps Professional Program.


We are continuously working on further evolving this key program, so new benefits or ways of collecting DevOps Points can be expected.

The benefits of being part of the exclusive DataMiner DevOps Professionals community are very diverse and range from small personal perks to gaining access to exclusive content, all the way up to bumping up your DataMiner Support Plan from the standard Continuity level to the added-value Evolve Plan, which includes premium SLAs and even free credits for you to spend.

A short overview of all benefits that can be unlocked using DevOps Points:

  • Access to the Evolve Support Services plan

  • Free personal DataMiner licenses

  • Access to DIS source code

  • Priority community support

  • Access to exclusive content

  • Option to join developer reviews

  • Exclusive option to convert your DevOps Points to DataMiner Cloud Credits or Professional Service Credits

Learn how to earn DevOps Points: Accumulating DevOps Points


You can find a more extensive overview of all benefits on DataMiner Dojo.