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Questions related to commercial models

  • Can different commercial models exist in the same organization?

    No. Licensing and usage are measured at organization level. Each organization selects one model, either perpetual licensing or usage-based. An organization with an active subscription can also buy Pay-Per-Use credits. As a company, you can have multiple organizations and select the model that fits best for a specific DataMiner System or specific DataMiner Systems.

  • Can I transition my perpetual licenses into subscription?

    Yes. Get in touch with your Account Manager.

  • Are there any sign-up fees or one-time fees for usage-based models?


  • How is monthly usage of "data collection and control plane" calculated?

    The sum of the maximum number of active Managed Objects (for Managed Objects with 100+ metrics) and metrics (Managed Objects under 100 metrics) at any given time. Metering follows the 95% percentile (i.e. maximum usage after skipping the peak 5% usage), in practice allowing some room (36h per month) for tests or bursts of usage.

  • What level of support is included in usage-based services?

    See DataMiner Support Services.

  • Is outside business hours support available?

    Yes, if you have subscribed to that service.

  • Can I use Professional Services credits in exchange for DataMiner credits?