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Questions related to DataMiner Support Services

  • What is APA?

    Annual Price Adjustment (APA): Automatic adjustment of sales prices reflecting current market conditions and actual cost evolutions.

  • What is APA for the current year?

    Set by default globally at xx % (refer to Skyline Communications’ quotation for the current value)

  • Why the APA?

    Today, we live in a rapidly changing world causing unprecedented volatile times and a general global upwards trend in the cost of goods and services all around us. It goes without saying that, as an organization, you have to deal with these already on a daily basis. As a result, the internal organizational costs are rising up significantly and to secure a long-term future several measures need to be taken.

    This is no different for Skyline Communications. Just like any other professional organization we are today forced to apply an Annual Price Adjustment (APA) (charged as a percentage on top of the pricing of the year before), covering extra costs we are currently facing in the delivery of Support Services (such as inflation, amongst others). The APA is not an increase in Skyline Communications’ margin and for the successor year the APA will be re-evaluated reflecting the inflation of that period and communicated timely to you.

    If needed, and based on a mutual agreement, we offer an alternative by opting for a multi-year agreement where we can lock the prices at a proposed rate in return for a full PO and a full pre-payment for the entire period.

  • What happens when my renewal of my support plan is overdue (Perpetual-Use plan only)?

    By default, support plan contracts renew automatically every year, unless they have been stopped by the user in advance of the anniversary date of the agreement. For more details, see Pricing - Term.

    In case the support plan has not been deactivated, and the user failed to renew the program in time by sending a valid PO, on the day after the anniversary date of the agreement, the service (i.e. Continuity or Evolve plan) will automatically be stopped along with all related services linked to it. As a user, you can still continue to consult content and resources on the Dojo Community portal.

  • What happens if I don't have active support on a perpetual support plan?

    • You don't have access to the Skyline IOC technical support team.
    • Your platform is exposed to technical & security vulnerabilities.
    • New purchased connectors added to your DataMiner platform are at risk to not be (fully) supported because an outdated DataMiner software version is in use.
    • You have the option to get support for the DataMiner core & connectors (except for upgrades). This is charged as professional credit services.
  • What defines the APA percentage

    The Annual Price Adjustment Percentage (APA%) will be determined by reference to the official inflation rates of Belgium, as publicly available on websites such as The choice of Belgium as the relevant reference for this calculation is predicated on the significant volume of support services and the development of new software from Skyline's headquarters located in Belgium.

    On an annual basis, Skyline's leadership team will assess the official inflation trends by considering the preceding six months' data metrics and forecasting the trend for the subsequent six months. Subsequently, the APA% will be finalized and established as the new baseline for pricing in support renewals, encompassing the forthcoming period.

    The revised APA% rate will be formally communicated and integrated into the support renewal process, commencing three months prior to the anniversary date of the users' ongoing support plan.