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DataMiner Partner Program

The world around us is changing fast. The shift towards transformational technology, i.e. the virtualized, cloudified, ALL-IP ecosystems, is affecting everything you can think of: the way platforms are designed and deployed, the way companies are organized and operate, the way projects are managed, as well as the entire technology vendor and user landscape and dynamic.

Today, companies want modular technology solutions that can be leveraged and used easily and efficiently. They need to build and design ecosystems that enable them to run their operation but simultaneously evolve continuously as well. In other words, they need to establish an agile data-driven operation that empowers their people, enables them to create digital relationships with third parties, allows them to optimize continuously, and allows them to leverage the latest and greatest that technology has to offer to innovate their services.

This all is a massive undertaking as it touches on every imaginable aspect of an organization. And there's no underestimating the role of DataMiner and the role of our partners for companies to be successful in this new data-driven world.


For more information on the DataMiner Partner Program, see Grow faster as a DataMiner Partner.

The role of DataMiner

DataMiner plays a vital role in the new emerging world as it embodies the strategic technology that enables your customers to leverage the full potential of the new generation of transformational technology. DataMiner brings their ecosystem to life.

DataMiner enables organizations to:

  • gain valuable insights in their ever more complex operation

  • provision services across their entire operation easily and securely

  • optimize the utilization of their valuable resources and reduce operational costs

  • evolve and innovate their services and workflows continuously

  • ...

DataMiner itself is also a modular transformational technology platform that can be leveraged and used in infinite ways, similar to all-IP, virtualized, and cloudified products and solutions.

Because of the pronounced open architecture and powerful enabling capabilities of DataMiner, anybody can leverage it to design innovative new solutions and to make digital transformation happen. This includes you as a partner.

Your role as our partner

In line with the general trend, your own role in the overall market landscape has also evolved considerably. This means you have to realign with the needs and expectations of your customers.

We no longer live in a world where an organization’s engineering team contracts a select number of vendors alongside a system integrator to implement monolithic bespoke ecosystems that are then handed over to an operational team to be operated in a static mode for five years or longer. Today, the key objective of those organizations is to build an agile, data-driven operational ecosystem that can be evolved easily and continuously and you have to align with that.

Furthermore, in the new world, the qualities, features, and characteristics of an operational platform are no longer exclusively defined by the actual core infrastructure consisting of the core processing products that have been deployed, whereas this was the case with bespoke monolithic hard-coded ecosystems. The fabric of the connectivity and the functions of the various modular components that an operation is made of are only definitive to some point.

Today, the quality, features, and characteristics of an operational platform are increasingly defined by the tooling layer that wraps around the core infrastructure. That tooling layer defines how the infrastructure is used, what types of workflows are supported, how efficiently the core processing products can be used, how secure the overall platform is, how easily new emerging products can be introduced into it and leveraged, and much more. And of course, DataMiner is all about that tooling layer that wraps around the core processing products, and it delivers on all those new expectations customers have.

What can you offer the new market?

  • General consultancy & guidance:

    The transition to transformational technology is affecting anything imaginable related to an operation and organization, e.g. the way systems are architected, deployed, operated, and evolved.

    It also affects the way companies and teams are organized, how they need to collaborate with you and other actors (such as technology and product vendors), how services are delivered, which business models are used, and so forth.

    This is the world of Agility, DevOps, CI/CD, continuous learning, data-driven empowerment, being goal-driven rather than task-driven, collaboration, continuous innovation, and so on.

    Therefore, customers need partners that can guide them through this, who share the new mindset and empower their organization. And that could be you.

  • System architecture consultancy & services:

    Today, the objective is two-fold:

    1. Building and designing an ecosystem to support a specific type of business or operation (i.e. the core infrastructure).

    2. Building and designing an ecosystem so that it is also an agile, data-driven platform that can evolve easily and continuously: a solution that is driven by open-architecture coding tools, code repositories, a CI/CD infrastructure that enables low-effort and secure continuous evolution, powerful data collection, automation, orchestration, process automation tooling, and much more.

    The latter objective adds a new dimension to any project these days, which is in fact far more strategic and relevant compared to the core infrastructure as it is very definitive towards the success of an operation in the context of the new world. And you could be the one delivering exactly that by combining your expertise with the power of DataMiner.

  • Innovation services:

    The new generation of transformational technology can be leveraged in countless ways. Therefore, today does not revolve around lifting and shifting an existing business to a new generation of technology, but about being innovative and taking the opportunity to rethink and question everything we are accustomed to.

    In that sense, the qualities and capabilities of the solutions that you offer are no longer exclusively defined by the core technology and product vendors.

    Today, everyone, including yourself, can be a creator and innovator and go to market with an exclusive offering. More than ever, you hold the key to success, and no longer is this solely a prerogative of product or technology vendors. You can rethink the way your customers can achieve their goals.

  • Implementation services:

    Your expertise, knowledge, and imagination have become part of your key assets, and DataMiner empowers you to now also realize your plans, turning those exclusive concepts into tangible deliverables for your customer base.

    DataMiner enables you to imagine new types of services, new workflows, more optimal or secure ways to leverage products and technology, and much more. DataMiner hands you the tools to capitalize on your ingenuity and skill sets.

    You can go to market either with a solution offering or a professional services offering.


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