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Visibility element

Specifies the page visibility configuration.




Name             Type                 Required Description
default EnumTrueFalse Yes Specifies the default visibility of the page.
overridePID unsignedInt Yes Specifies the ID of the parameter that is used to compare its value against the value specified in the "value" attribute.
value string Yes Specifies the value the parameter referred to by the overridePID attribute should have in order to swap the visibility.


  • In case the parameter referred to by the overridePID attribute is a parameter that is displayed on a page (i.e. the user can control the page visibility), make sure this parameter is displayed on a page that is always visible.
  • If the default page is hidden, the first non-hidden page will be selected.
  • If all pages are hidden, a message will appear to inform the user that there are no available data pages.
  • When the DATA tree item is selected in a card’s navigation pane when no pages are visible, as soon as a page becomes visible, it will automatically be selected.
  • Changing the visibility of separator pages is not supported.


<Visibility default="true" overridePID="100" value="0" />

The example should be interpreted as follows: "By default, this page is visible, and will disappear when the parameter with ID 100 is set to 0"