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Configuring the landing page of a DMA

In the file Config.manual.asp, located in the folder C:\Skyline DataMiner\WebPages\, you can specify what happens when a user browses directly to the IP address of hostname of the DMA.

  • If the Config.manual.asp file does not exist on a DMA, it is automatically created during DataMiner startup.
  • The file is NOT automatically synchronized with other DMAs in the DMS.

Configuring whether the landing page is displayed

You can configure whether the landing page is displayed or instead the Monitoring app is opened when a user browses to a DMA.

  1. Open C:\Skyline DataMiner\WebPages\config.manual.asp in a text editor.

  2. Set the variable defaultHTMLApp to one of the following values:

    • No value (default): The landing page will be displayed.
    • HTML5: The DataMiner Monitoring app to be opened.

    For example, if the following configuration is applied, the landing page will be displayed:

    var defaultHTMLApp = "";

    In case you intend to use Edge in IE compatibility mode, you will need to configure the defaultApp variable instead. If you set this variable to Cube or an empty value, DataMiner Cube is opened. If you set it to HTML5, the Monitoring app is opened.

Showing the company logo on the landing page

It is possible to customize the landing page so that the company logo is displayed.

  1. Open C:\Skyline DataMiner\WebPages\config.manual.asp in a text editor.

  2. Set the setting showCustomerLogo to true. This setting is set to false by default.

    var showCustomerLogo = true;

To set your company logo in DataMiner Cube, go to System Center > Agents > System > System Logo.

Removing applications from the landing page

It is possible to customize the landing page so that certain applications are not listed on it.

  1. Open C:\Skyline DataMiner\WebPages\config.manual.asp in a text editor.

  2. Specify the applications that should not be displayed in the disallowed setting.

    For example, in the following configuration, the landing page will not show the possibility to install the DataMiner Cube desktop app or to open the Monitoring app:

    var disallowed = ["InstallCube","HTML5"];

Making users download the Microsoft .NET Framework from an internal server

When a user selects the Install DataMiner Cube option from the landing page, a setup program will first check whether Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is installed. If this is not the case, the user will be redirected to http://dmaip/Tools/InstallNet4.asp, where the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installer can be downloaded.

By default, the online installer will be downloaded from the Microsoft website. However, if users do not have public internet access, you can allow them to download the offline installer from an internal server (e.g. the DataMiner Agent) instead.

To make users download the installer from an internal server:

  1. Download the offline .Net Framework 4.6 installer:

  2. Place the offline installer in a server folder, and make sure your users are allowed access to it.

  3. Specify the internal download URL in the urlOfflineNetFrameworkInstaller setting of the config.manual.asp file. Make sure to use a “http://” or “https://” address.

    var urlOfflineNetFrameworkInstaller = "http://myServer/myFolder/NDP46-KB3045557-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe";
  4. Make sure that, on all necessary computers, the browser security settings allow users to download the file you specified in step 3.

Example of a config.manual.asp file

    * Default application to launch
    * Values: "Cube", "SystemDisplay", "SystemDisplayNU", "SystemDisplayNSU", "HTML5"  or empty to show the landing page.
var defaultApp = "Cube";
    * If operators not have access to a public Internet connection, then specify the internal url to download the offline Microsoft .NET Framework installer
    * Leave empty to download the online installer from the Microsoft website.
var urlOfflineNetFrameworkInstaller = "";
    * Which applications should not be shown on the landing page
    * Array containing values: "Cube", "InstallCube", "HTML5" (multiple values can be filled in separated by a comma)
var disallowed = [];
    * Show the customer logo on the DataMiner landing page.
    * Default: false
var showCustomerLogo = false;
 * Default application to launch when not using Internet Explorer
 * Values: "HTML5" or empty to show the landing page
var defaultHTMLApp = "";