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Setting the indexing options for the server-side search

In the file MaintenanceSettings.xml, you can prevent certain items from being indexed by the DataMiner Cube server-side search engine.

To do so:

  1. Stop DataMiner.

  2. Open the file C:\Skyline Dataminer\MaintenanceSettings.xml.

  3. In the SLNet.SearchOptions tag, specify one or more of the following options. To specify multiple options, separate them by semicolons (“;”).

    Available options:

    Option Description
    disable Search will not return anything. Indexing will be disabled on the DMA.
    excludeParams Search will not return any parameters.
    excludeElements Search will not return any elements.
    excludeServices Search will not return any services.
    excludeServiceTemplates Search will not return any service templates.
    excludeRedundancy Search will not return any redundancy groups.
    excludeDocuments Search will not return any documents.
    includeAllCustomProperties Search will return the values of all custom properties.
    redirectTo:[DMA ID] Indexing will be disabled on the local DMA, and all search requests will be redirected to the DMA with the specified ID. For example, to redirect to the DMA with ID 123, specify redirectTo:123. This option allows you to reduce load on your DMAs by redirecting all search requests to one dedicated “search-handling DMA”.
    trendedParamsOnly Search will only return trended parameters.

    For example, in the following excerpt from MaintenanceSettings.xml, indexing has been set to “trendedParamsOnly”:

  4. Save the file and restart DataMiner.

  • If the <SearchOptions> tag is empty, then there will be no indexing restrictions. In other words, all items will be indexed.
  • If no <SearchOptions> tag can be found in MaintenanceSettings.xml, indexing will be restricted to “trendedParamsOnly” by default.