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DataMiner Main Release vs. Feature Release

The DataMiner Main Release is the version that has one major upgrade per year. In addition to this, Cumulative Updates (CU) become available on a regular basis. These contain all the latest fixes up to that point in time, so you only need to install the latest CU in order to have all the improvements. In general, no new features are added to this version, except for specific isolated cases that do not affect existing functionality.

For a production environment that does not require specific new features that are only available in the Feature Release, we recommend installing the Main Release. We also recommend installing the Cumulative Updates on a regular basis.

The DataMiner Feature Release is the track of the DataMiner software introducing new features on a regular basis. This version of DataMiner is fully supported in a production environment, but typically only used when a specific feature of this version is needed. This version track has time-limited support for cumulative updates, as it is required to follow the track of the consecutive upgrades in order to get all the improvements. In other words, following this fast track implies following those upgrades in order to have an updated system.