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DataMiner interfaces

Your DataMiner System can interface with a multitude of client applications, ranging from the standard DataMiner web clients to third-party tools.

There are four main categories of DataMiner interfaces:

  • Private interfaces: Used for the standard DataMiner client applications, including DataMiner Cube and the DataMiner web apps.

  • Standard public interfaces: By default, every DataMiner System has a number of standard public interfaces that allow:

    • Forwarding of SNMP notifications to third-party SNMP managers (HP OpenView, IBM NetCool, etc.).

    • Performing SNMP Get and SNMP Set requests on individual controls and readings of devices.

    • Exchange of information via TCP-IP sockets.

    • Offload of database records via SQL or NoSQL (Cassandra).

    • Web Services APIs (SOAP XML, XML-RPC).

  • Optional public interfaces: Optionally, a DataMiner System can be configured to connect to third-party applications via

    • Web Services APIs (SOAP XML, XML-RPC, JSON)

    • EGMC2

  • Custom interfaces: On top of all available private and public interfaces, highly specialized, custom interfaces can be developed to allow your DataMiner System to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


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