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Firewall Configuration

The firewall acts as a "gatekeeper", blocking and monitoring unauthorized requests to a network, server, or application. It is crucial that a "gate" (i.e. a port) is closed if it is not actively being used.

A firewall policy that is too lax may allow adversaries to attack internal services.

This BPA test verifies that no excessive ports are open in the Windows firewall.


This BPA is available from DataMiner version 10.2.12 and 10.3.0 onwards. From DataMiner 10.3.7/10.4.0 onwards, this prerequisite runs automatically when you upgrade, to ensure TCP port 5100 is correctly configured to allow inbound communication.


  • Name: Firewall Configuration
  • Description: Verifies that no excessive ports are open in the Windows firewall
  • Author: Skyline Communications
  • Default Schedule: Daily



No excessive firewall ports are open.


Too many (or too few) ports are allowed through the Windows firewall, or the firewall is completely disabled.


This BPA does not create errors.


Restrict the number of ports allowed through the Windows firewall. For more information see Configure the firewall.


  • The BPA can only check the local server.