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Running BPA tests

From DataMiner 9.6.0 [CU23]/10.0.0 [CU11]/10.2.0 onwards, it is possible to run BPA (i.e. Best Practices Analysis) tests from the Agents page in System Center. These tests can be used to verify that a specific part of a DataMiner setup conforms with Skyline recommendations, in order to guarantee an optimal DataMiner experience.

You can view and run BPA tests in System Center, on the Agents > BPA page.

This page shows a list of all the BPA tests that are currently available in the system. Depending on the type of test, you can run a BPA test on an individual DMA or across a cluster. A button at the top of the list allows you to group the displayed information either by test (default) or by the DMA or DMS the tests can be executed on.

  • If the list is grouped by test, an Execute all button is available in the Action column that allows you to run a test for all applicable servers. Alternatively, you can expand a list item and click the Execute button to run the test for one specific DMA or DMS only.

  • Similarly, if the list is grouped by Agent, the Execute all button in the Action column can be used to run all tests for a specific DMA or DMS, and you can expand a list item and click the Execute button to run only one specific test for a DMA or DMS.

  • Regardless of how the list is grouped, the Execute all button in the top-right corner can be used to execute all available tests on all applicable Agents and clusters.

For a group item, the Status column displays the number of individual entries in the group with a colored LED indicating their status: green for a successful test, red if issues were detected, and gray if no results are available. For each individual item within a group, this same column can display the following status information: No result available, Test running, OK, Warning, Issues detected or Execution failed.

From DataMiner 10.1.4 onwards, the Schedule column allows you to configure at which interval a specific test should be executed, e.g. every 12 hours.

Once a test has run, the Message column will display information on the test results for specific items. Via the ... button in this column, you can open a window with more detailed information. From DataMiner 10.2.8/10.3.0 onwards, this window also contains a button that allows you to copy the information to the clipboard.

  • Standard BPA tests are included in updates from DataMiner 10.2.0/10.1.2 onwards and added in the folder C:\Skyline DataMiner\BPA.
  • To use the Agents > BPA page in System Center, you need the user permissions under Modules > System Configuration > Tools > Best Practices Analyzer.
  • A BPA test can only be executed if it has been digitally signed by Skyline, and if your DataMiner version is within the limitations of the minimum and/or maximum DataMiner version configured in the test (if any).