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When working with the Data API and scripted connectors, there are limitations:

  • Scripted connectors:

    • Operate at a fixed frequency of one minute.

    • Lack support for arguments.

    • Are stored locally on the server.

    • Lack synchronization in a DMS cluster.

    • Are unable to manage data sources.

  • Data API:

    • Rejects requests with payloads exceeding 1 MB.

    • Rejects requests from external systems.

    • Requires a field "Id" in JSON arrays, serving as the primary key in the element's table.

    • Supports a nested table structure with multiple child tables pointing to a single parent table, does not currently support a child table with foreign key relations to multiple parent tables.

  • Parameters in auto-generated connectors:

    • Lack units, with no adjustable configuration.

    • Are automatically assigned to pages in the element layout, and this allocation cannot be modified.


Certain limitations are expected to be addressed in future DataMiner versions.