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Embedding a Spectrum Analysis component

It is possible to embed a Spectrum Analysis component in Visio.


Alternatively, it is also possible to embed a spectrum thumbnail. See Linking a shape to an element parameter.

Configuring the shape data fields

Configure the following shape data fields on the shape that is to contain the Spectrum Analysis component:

  • Shape data field: Element

    The value of this shape data field should indicate the spectrum element of which the interface should be loaded.

  • Shape data field: Component

    The value of this shape data field should be set to Spectrum, to indicate that a spectrum component should be created.

  • Shape data field: ComponentOptions

    This is an optional shape data field, which can contain the following options, separated by pipe ("|") characters.

    Option Description
    Preset= Should be followed by a preset name. Indicates that a particular preset should be loaded. It is also possible to specify an inline preset, using the same syntax as for the preset=inline URL parameter. See preset=inline. However, note that combining an inline preset with one or more measurement points is only supported from DataMiner 10.1.0 [CU11]/10.2.2 onwards.
    Measpts= Should be followed by one or more measurement point IDs, separated by semicolons.
    ViewOptions= Should be configured in the same way as the options= URL parameter. See options=.
  • These options all support dynamic placeholders. Dynamic changes to the preset or measurement points will be applied immediately. Dynamic changes to view options will only be applied when a preset is loaded.
  • Only public presets can be used in a Visual Overview, not private presets.

For example:

Shape data field Value
Component Spectrum
Element 111/333
ComponentOptions Preset=[var:PresetVar]|ShowRibbon=true|Measpts=[var:measpts]