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Customizing the endpoint configuration

From version 2.10.0 of the DataMiner CloudGateway DataMiner Extension Module (DxM) onwards, this DxM hosts an HTTP(S) endpoint that allows other DxMs to communicate with via DataMiner CloudGateway in an efficient and secure way without the need for direct internet access.

This endpoint is required for some features, such as Remote Log Collection. It only allows traffic to *

By default, the CloudEndpointOptions are configured to use port TCP 5100 as mentioned in Overview of IP ports used in a DMS.

You can adjust or completely disable this endpoint for each DataMiner CloudGateway by overriding the configuration:

  1. On each server with DataMiner CloudGateway installed, in the folder C:\Program Files\Skyline Communications\DataMiner CloudGateway, create or adjust the override appsettings.custom.json with the following contents:

      "CloudEndpointOptions": {
        "Enabled": <true/false>, 
        "Port": <integer>
  2. Restart DataMiner CloudGateway on each server for the changes to take effect.


Make sure that the configured ports are also open on the internal network, so other DataMiner Extension Modules can access these endpoints hosted in DataMiner CloudGateway.


Disabling the endpoint for each DataMiner CloudGateway will also disable features that depend on this DxM, such as Remote Log Collection. DataMiner CloudGateway can only start if the configured port is available on the hosting server.