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Logging on to

Customers and DataMiner Strategic Partners

If you are a customer or a DataMiner Strategic Partner, you will need to authenticate yourself with your corporate email address when you access This way, your account can be linked to your organization, so that you can access information that is exclusively available to authorized members of your organization (e.g. information related to your projects in the Project Collaboration module).


It is also possible to access as a guest, i.e. someone who is neither a customer nor a DataMiner Strategic Partner. Guests can access a number of modules, such as the Dojo Community. While you can use any email address as a guest, we strongly encourage you to register with your corporate email address. Among others, this will allow you to keep your existing account should you ever become a customer or DataMiner Strategic Partner.

Logging on

When you access, you will have the following options to authenticate yourself with your corporate email address:

  • If your corporate email address is linked to a Microsoft (personal or work), Google, Amazon, or LinkedIn account, you can authenticate yourself via one of those identity providers. This option is to be preferred, as it will allow you to use an existing account rather than a new, dedicated one.


    In case you are using the Microsoft login and get an error that says you need admin approval, you can find the steps that your system administrator needs to take to resolve this on this instructions page.

  • If you cannot use an existing account, you can choose to create a dedicated account via the Sign Up option at the bottom. You will then be invited to enter your corporate email address and a password of your choice.

  • Not all people who register with a corporate email address associated with your organization will automatically be granted access to all information that is exclusively available to your organization. This will only be the case for users who already had an account on the legacy platform, i.e users who were already linked to your organization.
  • New people from your organization will have to create a user account on using their corporate email address (see above), which will then have to be linked to your organization. Currently, linking email addresses to organizations can only be done by Skyline staff on request. At a later time, we intend to provide you with an option to appoint an administrator in your organization, who will then be allowed to set up new accounts for your organization.