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Overriding the default connection type

Before you log on to a DataMiner Agent, on the login page, you can override that default connection type for the connection you are about to establish.

Alternatively, if you are already logged on, you can also change the connection settings in Cube. To do so, go to Settings > Computer > Connection.

To change the connection settings on the login page:

  1. On the login page, click the cogwheel button in the lower right corner and select Options in the menu.

  2. In the Edit Settings window, set the Connection Type to one of the following values:

    • Auto: DataMiner will automatically select the connection settings.
    • Remoting: DataMiner will communicate using .NET Remoting.

      • This option is used by default.

      • The default port used for Remoting is port 8004.

      • By default, eventing is used, but the client will automatically fall back to polling if the callback port cannot be reached (e.g. if a firewall blocks the requests).

    • Web Services: Legacy option available prior to DataMiner 10.0.0 [CU6]/10.0.11. As WSE is deprecated, this option is no longer available in recent DataMiner versions. Connecting via web services is not possible if WSE is not installed on the DMA.

  1. If necessary, adjust the settings for the selected connection type:

    • Destination port: Select this option to specify a custom destination port number. If you specify “-1”, the port will be detected automatically.

    • Polling interval: The frequency at which the client application should poll the DMA, in milliseconds. If you want to use remoting and there are firewalls in your network or NAT is used, make sure this option is selected, to ensure that polling is used instead of eventing. For Web Services, this option is enabled by default.

    • Use data compression (Remoting only): Determines whether data are compressed or not. By default, this option is selected, in order to reduce network traffic.

    • Custom binding IP address (Remoting only): Only needed in case the server cannot automatically resolve the IP address that it needs to send callback events to the client, which can be the case when a VPN connection is used. The option only applies when eventing has been configured.

  2. Click OK.

If you are already logged in, changing the connection settings in Cube is similar. For detailed information, see Manual configuration of client communication settings.


These connection settings are defined in the file connectionsettings.txt (located in the following directory on the DMA: C:\Skyline DataMiner\Webpages).