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Dump Spectrum Preset Content

This tool can be used to visualize the content of the otherwise binary spectrum preset .dat files. The tool connects to the local DMA and uses SLSpectrum to read the content of the preset file. It can only be used on a DMA that has at least one active spectrum element.

You can download this tool from DataMiner Dojo.

To run this tool:

  1. Extract the zip you downloaded to a folder on the DMA you want to investigate.

  2. Run the tool using a command prompt, passing in the path to a preset file (the file name can contain wildcards), as illustrated below.

An output file (-astext.txt) will be created next to the preset.dat file, which shows the contents of the preset.


PS C:\Path> .\DumpSpectrumPresetContent.exe -help

Usage: DumpSpectrumPresetContent.exe [options]

-u, --user=VALUE User name

-p, --pwd=VALUE Password

-i, --in=VALUE Path to spectrum preset to list (can contain * wildcards to tackle multiple files)

-h, --help [Optional] Show the help

For example:

PS C:\Path> .\DumpSpectrumPresetContent.exe -i '.\1001.3360-after.dat'

Connecting to localhost...

Finding a spectrum element to temporarily use

Input/Output folder: .

Input: 1001.3360-after.dat

Output: 1001.3360-after-astext.txt

Temporary Element: Lite element info: 'Simulated Spectrum' (7/28)

Temporary Protocol: Skyline Spectrum Simulation

Temporary User: Wouter

Temporary writing: Skyline Spectrum Simulation.6cd8d2aae44c40bea567c9275d1975cf-1001.3360-after

Fetching preset content

Cleaning up temp file

Example output file: