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Skyline Device Simulator


This tool is provided "As Is" with no representation or warranty whatsoever. Skyline Communications will not provide any maintenance or support for this tool.

The main purpose of this tool is to simulate device behavior while the device is not available. It allows you to poll simulated SNMP devices with static and changing data. You can send and receive traps. It is also able to reply to incoming inform messages. Polling dynamically simulated HTTP devices (GET and POST operations) is also supported. This tool is available on every DMA from DataMiner 10.1.5 onwards. It is located in the folder C:\Skyline DataMiner\Tools\QADeviceSimulator. You can also download this tool from DataMiner Dojo.

Device Simulator
Skyline Device Simulator

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Prior to DataMiner 10.2.12/10.3.0, this tool is known as "QA Device Simulator".