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SLOffload tool

The SLOffload tool allows the user to manually trigger a database offload to an Oracle or a MySQL database.


This tool cannot be used if a Cassandra general database is used.

To trigger a database offload:

  1. Start the tool by double-clicking the file “SLOffload.exe” in the folder C:\Skyline DataMiner\Tools.

    A window will open that lists the different DMAs in the cluster, and the databases to be offloaded.

  2. If there is a configuration issue, the Start Offload button is not available. If so, click the tools button next to Details, adjust the configuration as required and click Save.


    If there is a configuration issue, the information in the pane on the right in the main window of the SLOffload tool can be used to determine what the problem is. The pane displays a log that details any issues that the application encounters, e.g. failed authentication.

  3. If the configuration is correct, click Start Offload to start the database offload.