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This file contains default connection settings to be used by DataMiner client applications when connecting from specific IP addresses.

  • An update of this file does not require a restart of the DataMiner software.
  • This file is not synchronized throughout the DataMiner System.
  • This file is located in the folder C:\Skyline DataMiner\Webpages\.

  • ConnectionSettings.txt format:

    [IP address ranges - separated by semicolons] [Options - separated by semicolons]
  • Types of IP address ranges:

    Type of IP range Example
    A single IP address starting with ... 10.*
    A range of IP addresses
    A single IP address

ConnectionSettings.txt Options

  • type=

    The type of connection.

    Possible values:

    • GRPCConnection: Supported from DataMiner 10.3.0/10.3.2 onwards. DataMiner will communicate using HTTPS via the API Gateway, using gRPC. By default, this requires the use of the standard HTTPS port 443. When this type is used, the only two other options you can configure are serverport and endpoint (see Examples).

    • RemotingConnection: .NET Remoting. Obsolete starting from 10.4.0/10.3.6. While DataMiner will currently not yet automatically switch to GRPCConnection, this is planned to be implemented with a DataMiner upgrade soon. If you do not want to use GRPCConnection, use LegacyRemotingConnection to avoid getting automatically switched. However, note that we strongly recommend using GRPCConnection.

    • LegacyRemotingConnection: .NET Remoting. Use this to explicitly use .NET Remoting.

    • WSConnection: Web Services - deprecated from DataMiner 10.0.11 onwards.

  • polling=

    Polling interval

    Possible values:

    • Number of milliseconds (minimum: 100)

    • 0 (no polling)


    This option has no effect when the GRPCConnection type is used.

  • serverport=

    Server port onto which the client has to connect.

    Possible values:

    • Port number

    • 0 (no override - connect to default port)

  • zip=

    Whether or not the communication has to be zipped.

    Possible values:

    • true

    • false

  • cache=

    The type of data that has to be cached on the client machine.

    When this option is set to its default value (“objects”), a number of objects (e.g. DataMiner Protocols) are cached on the client machine. Once these objects are present on the client, data traffic between DMA and client drops substantially.

    Possible values:

    • all

    • none

    • objects (default)

    • events

  • endpoint=

    Override for the endpoint. See Examples.

  • resolve=

    Whether or not hostnames have to be resolved to IP addresses before the connection is set up.

    Possible values:

    • true (default)

    • false

  • The file lists the most specific ranges first. When looking up the settings for an IP address, the first matching IP range defines the settings.
  • Lines starting with a “#” character are considered to be comments and are ignored.
  • If a client connects to a DataMiner Agent via a load-balancing URL (i.e. a hostname redirecting to different IP addresses when resolved), by default the hostname will be explicitly resolved before the connection is set up. If, for some IP addresses, you want to prevent this from happening, in ConnectionSettings.txt specify "resolve=false" next to those IP addresses.


  • To use gRPC by default:

    * type=GRPCConnection
  • To use gRPC with port 443 and the APIGateway endpoint:

    * type=GRPCConnection;serverport=443;endpoint=/APIGateway

    This setup is not recommended and should only be used for debugging or for test setups. This will only work if the APIGateway settings (C:\Program Files\Skyline Communications\DataMiner APIGateway\appsettings.json), the certificate bindings, and the firewall are adjusted accordingly.

  • To use eventing by default:

    * type=RemotingConnection;polling=0;zip=true
  • To use polling (1000 ms) by default:

    * type=RemotingConnection;polling=1000;zip=true
  • To use either polling or eventing depending on the DMA: type=RemotingConnection;polling=1000;zip=true
    10.11.*;168.* type=RemotingConnection;polling=1000;zip=false
    * type=RemotingConnection;polling=0;zip=true