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Remote Log Collection

The Remote Log Collection feature allows our experts to collect DataMiner log and memory dump files independently, increasing efficiency of investigations.

The packages generated by the Log Collector tool are automatically transferred to secure storage in the cloud, so that the experts at Skyline Communications have immediate access to them.

To increase transparency, a detailed audit log will be created each time remote log collection is requested (see Auditing).


To use this feature, your system needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Your system must be connected to For information on how to connect, see Connecting your DataMiner System to

  • Port 5100 must be open for traffic on the internal network for the remote log collection to work. For more information on this endpoint, see Customizing the endpoint configuration.

  • The correct versions of specific DxMs must be running on the DataMiner Agents:

    • All DataMiner Agents in the system need both Orchestrator 1.4.0 or higher and SupportAssistant 1.5.3 or higher.

    • DataMiner Agents with internet access (or proxy or DMZ server) also need to use CloudGateway 2.12.3 or higher.

    The easiest way to install these DxMs is to upgrade all DataMiner Agents to DataMiner 10.3.12/10.4.0 or higher and install the Cloud Pack 3.1.5 or higher on the DataMiner Agents with internet access.


    If your DMS is already connected to, you can also update the DxMs via the Admin app, except if your DMS contains one or more DMAs with internet access that have multiple NICs. For systems with such DMAs, DataMiner 10.3.12/10.4.0 or higher is required, along with the Cloud Pack 3.1.5 or higher on DMAs with internet access. Alternatively, instead of upgrading to DataMiner 10.3.12/10.4.0, you can install the Cloud Pack 3.1.5 or higher on all DMAs and then afterwards uninstall CloudGateway and CloudFeed on the DMAs that do not have internet access. See uninstalling a program in Windows.