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With, you gain access to innovative and game-changing solutions that support the transition into the emerging ICT media and broadband landscape and empower digital transformation programs.

By connecting your DataMiner System to via a single and secured connection, you gain access to a host of additional capabilities. This opens up a new world of possibilities with respect to how DataMiner integrations are done and how interactions with partners, customers, and technology vendors take place. It's not just a service, it's a catalyst for digital transformation, driving your business towards a brighter, more connected future.

Different teams working on private DataMiner Systems, deployed on premises, off premises, or in a hybrid manner, can all use through the connection. At the same time, the Skyline DevOps team can design and deliver solutions through a sophisticated and highly automated CI/CD pipeline. And finally, strategic partnerships and easy integration with platforms such as Microsoft Teams become easier than ever.

Enabled in just a few clicks, empowers every single DataMiner user and DevOps engineer to collaborate across the entire service supply chain, continuously and frictionlessly. seamlessly expands your DataMiner Systems to deliver even more value, better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

So, what exactly does “” refer to?

It is a collection of functions that are available when your DataMiner System is connected to the cloud, grouped in three categories, based on a shared value:

  • The DevOps category focuses on empowering users to create and run solutions.

  • The Platform Services category prioritizes convenience. This includes a number of tangible benefits for Support Services.

  • The Collaboration category emphasizes synergy.