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Training courses and certification

Knowledge is power, even more so when it comes to DataMiner: you can do pretty much anything with its unique features, capabilities, and conceptual architecture. DataMiner is like the gift that keeps on giving. To make it easy for you to get the maximum out of your investment, we offer a complete modular professional training and certification program for all stakeholders in your corporation, i.e. the DataMiner Training and Certification Program.

All available DataMiner courses can be accessed free of charge, and we also have an extensive video library available, so that you can stay on top of all the new trends in the media and broadband industry. In addition, the DataMiner Certification Program offers a broad range of certification services, which enable people in all types of roles, ranging from entry-level to advanced knowledge, to get the maximum out of a DataMiner System.

Our DataMiner training and certification services include: