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Param element

Defines a parameter.




Name                         Type Required Description
confirmPopup EnumParamConfirmPopup Overrides the "Never ask for confirmation after setting parameter value" setting in DataMiner Cube.
duplicateAs TypeCommaSeparatedNumbers Takes the value of another parameter and displays it in a column of a view table.
export string Allows exporting a parameter to an exported protocol used by a dynamic virtual element (DVE).
historySet EnumTrueFalse Specifies that this parameter is a history set parameter.
id TypeParamId Yes Specifies the ID of the parameter.
level unsignedInt Specifies the security level of this parameter.
options string Specifies the options applied to this parameter.
pollingInterval unsignedInt Specifies the polling interval (ms) as a hint for the real-time trend graph.
save EnumTrueFalse Specifies whether the parameter has to be saved each time its value changes.
saveInterval duration Specifies that only one save operation must be executed per interval.
setter EnumTrueFalse Specifies whether the value of the write parameter will be copied to the corresponding read parameter (without the need to add a trigger or an action).
snapshot EnumTrueFalse Specifies the offload of snapshots of a parameter to the central database.
snmpSetAndGet string Performs a set and get on a "write" parameter.
trending EnumTrueFalse Specifies whether the parameter supports trending.
verificationTimeout unsignedInt Overrides the default verification timeout (or the verification timeout value set in MaintenanceSettings.xml) for this parameter with the specified value (in milliseconds).


Name                         Occurrences Description
  Alarm [0, 1] Specifies the default parameter alarming configuration.
  ArrayOptions [0, 1] Defines all table columns.
  CRC [0, 1] If /Protocol/Params/Param/Type is set to "CRC", then this CRC element allows you to define the CRC used in the communication with the device.
  CrossDriverOptions [0, 1] Allows the creation of a direct view table using multiple columns from multiple different protocols.
  Dashboard [0, 1] Specifies the configuration for use in dashboards.
  Database [0, 1] Specifies database-related configuration options.
  Dependencies [0, 1] Allows you to link one or more parameters.
  Description [0, 1] Specifies the description of the parameter.
  Display [0, 1] Defines if and how a parameter will be displayed on the user interface.
  HyperLinks [0, 1] Contains the custom commands (i.e. "hyperlinks") that have to appear on the shortcut menu when users right-click an alarm of this parameter.
  Icon [0, 1] Specifies the icon to be shown in a tree control, either by referring to a predefined icon using the ref attribute or by providing XAML content.
  Information [0, 1] Specifies additional information about the parameter.
  Interprete [0, 1] Specifies how a parameter value is processed.
  Length [0, 1] Specifies the length of the command/response.
  Matrix [0, 1] If /Protocol/Params/Param/Type is set to "matrix", this will allow you to define the matrix control. Feature introduced in DataMiner 10.3.1/10.4.0 (RN 34661).
  Measurement [0, 1] Specifies how the parameter has to be displayed on the user interface (depending on the parameter type).
  Mediation [0, 1] Contains the links between parameters of a base protocol and parameters of this protocol.
  Message [0, 1] Specifies a message to be displayed when users change the parameter on the user interface.
  Name Specifies the name of the parameter.
  Replication [0, 1] Used to replicate specific parameters from another element.
  SNMP [0, 1] Specifies SNMP related functionality for this parameter.
  Type Specifies the parameter type.