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Package manifest schema

The package manifest schema is an XML schema for defining the contents of an application package. For more information, refer to Application packages and Pipeline stages for install packages.

Root element



The following example defines an application package with name "ExamplePackage" and version "1.0.1-CU0" that contains two connectors:

  • The latest release of range 1.1.2.x of the Microsoft Platform connector
  • The latest development build in range 1.0.0.x of the Cassandra Cluster Monitor connector

The manifest also states that:

  • The protocol.xml file of latest development version of the Cassandra Cluster Monitor connector should be signed before it gets included in the application package.
  • This version of the Cassandra Cluster Monitor should be set as the production version and the templates should also be copied as production version templates.
  • The alarm and trend templates should also be included in the application package.

The version history of the manifest is available in the VersionHistory tag.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Manifest xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
						<Range rangeSelection="latestRelease">1.1.2.X</Range>
				<RepoPath>Protocols\Apache\Cassandra Cluster Monitor</RepoPath>
						<Range rangeSelection="latestBuild">1.0.0.X</Range>
					<SetAsProduction copyTemplates="true">true</SetAsProduction>
						<Template replaceExisting="true">Template_Default</Template>
						<Template replaceExisting="true">Trending_Default</Template>
			<Branch id="1">
					<MajorVersion id="0">
							<MinorVersion id="1">
									<CU id="0">
											<NewFeature>Initial Version</NewFeature>
											<Company>Skyline Communications</Company>