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DataMiner Integration Studio Tutorials

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) is a valuable extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that simplifies the process of interacting with and developing for your DataMiner System. DIS is available for download free of charge.

With this extension, you can import, create, and deploy connectors to establish connections between your DataMiner System (DMS) and new data sources. In addition, DIS allows you to import Automation scripts and SRM functions, which can be easily created and deployed to your DMS as well.


Name Description
Exploring the DIS MIB Browser Familiarize yourself with the DIS MIB Browser functionalities by loading a MIB file, generating parameters, and comparing them with a connector.
DIS Validator and basic GitHub DevOps Learn how to work with the DIS Validator and basic GitHub DevOps.
Contributing to validator code Add new checks to the validator.