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Connecting to via proxy server

From DataMiner CloudFeed 1.0.6, CloudGateway 2.7.0, and ArtifactDeployer 1.4.1 onwards, proxy support is available for these DxMs. This means that you can enable a proxy server so that all outgoing traffic towards the public internet will pass through that proxy server. You can use the Proxy Cloud Pack to install these modules on your proxy server.

The proxy server has to support both HTTP and WebSocket traffic.

To configure this:

  1. Connect to

  2. In the folder C:\ProgramData\Skyline Communications\DxMs Shared\ on the DMA, configure the file appsettings.proxy.json as follows:

       "ProxyOptions": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Address": "<the address of the proxy server>"
  3. Restart the CloudGateway service for the changes to take effect.


    If you are using a version of CloudFeed prior to 1.1.0 or a version of ArtifactDeployer prior to 1.4.5, you will need to restart these DxMs as well.