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Connecting to

Below you can find detailed information on how to connect your DataMiner System to, also known as connecting to the cloud or making a DMS cloud-connected.


Before you connect

Before you connect your DMS to (unless you connect with a DMZ setup):

  1. Verify that your DataMiner System meets all requirements.

  2. Download the latest DataMiner Cloud Pack installer from DataMiner Dojo and install it on one or more DMAs in the cluster.

    If you are on the Feature Release track, .NET 6 is included in DataMiner from version 10.3.3 onwards, so select the package without .NET 6. If you are on the Main Release track, .NET 6 is included from version 10.3.0 [CU3] onwards, so for earlier versions, you will need to select the package with .NET 6.

    • If your DataMiner System contains a Failover pair, and one of the Agents in the Failover pair is responsible for hosting the connection towards, install the DataMiner Cloud Pack on both Agents in the Failover pair.
    • Installing the Cloud Pack on more than one DMA has several advantages. However, make sure that the Cloud Pack is only installed on DMAs that allow network traffic towards *

    For more information on the Cloud Pack contents, see DataMiner Cloud Pack.

Connecting to in System Center

  1. In DataMiner Cube, go to System Center > Users / Groups and make sure you have the following user permissions:

    If you need to make changes to the user permissions, reconnect to Cube afterwards to make sure your changes are applied in the UI.


    See also: User rights

  2. On the System Center > Cloud page, click the Connect button. A pop-up browser window will open.


    Internet Explorer is not supported for this. If your default browser is Internet Explorer, we recommend that you change to a different browser in order to continue with this procedure.

  3. Specify the following information in the pop-up window:

    • Organization: Specify your organization, either by selecting it in the drop-down box if it already exists in the system or by clicking Create new and specifying your name and DNS.


      To be able to select an existing organization, you must be a member of that organization on

    • DMS name: Specify the name you want to use for your DMS.

    • DMS URL: Specify a URL-friendly version of the DMS name.

  4. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms of service and click Connect.

  5. On the System Center > Cloud page, wait until you see either Status: Connected or Registration status: Registered (depending on your DataMiner version). This can take up to half a minute.

  6. To ensure that you can make optimal use of your connection, get your connection verified. See Getting your organization verified.