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Activate CDMR tool

To activate CDMR on all DMAs in a cluster in one go, two scripts are available. These can be especially useful in DataMiner Systems consisting of many DMAs, so that CDMR does not need to be activated manually on each DMA.

You can download these scripts from DataMiner Dojo.


For more information on CDMR, see Customer DataMiner Reporting (CDMR).


If your DMS is connected to and the necessary prerequisites are met for remote log collection, CDMR is automatically activated.

About these scripts

  • Script_Execute Cluster Script.xml makes it possible to execute a single script on each DMA in the cluster.

  • Script_Activate CDMR.xml will activate CDMR email reporting. It will also check the MaintenanceSettings.xml file to verify that the activation was successful. The result will be shown in the information events. In Failover setups, the change also automatically gets synchronized towards the offline Agent, though information events are only displayed for the online Agent.


  1. Upload both scripts to the DataMiner System where you want to use them.

  2. Run the Execute Cluster Script, provide the script name Activate CDMR and click Execute.


    For more information on running Automation scripts, see Running Automation scripts.