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Verify NATS is Running

In DataMiner 10.2.7 and 10.2.0 [CU14], a prerequisite check is added to upgrade packages. It verifies whether the crucial NATS service used by DataMiner is running on all required DataMiner Agents. This prevents situations where a DataMiner System becomes non-functional after an upgrade because of preexisting issues with NATS. If this check fails, please troubleshoot NATS before continuing the upgrade.


For more information on how to troubleshoot NATS, see Investigating NATS Issues.


Upgrading from a version prior to Main Release Version 10.1.0 [CU12] or Feature Release Version 10.2.3 to DataMiner 10.2.7 might result in issues due to files changing between these releases. To avoid this, upgrade to Feature Release Version 10.2.8 [CU0] or any Main Release Version.