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Proactive Support

By connecting your DataMiner Agents to, you gain access to a wealth of additional functionality, including the powerful technical support capabilities offered by the Operations team at Skyline.


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These technical support capabilities include the following:

  • The ability for us to automatically take crash dumps and logging directly from your DataMiner Agents, kick-starting the incident support process

  • Remote DataMiner Cube access by our Operations team to see the problems you encounter first-hand and take direct action if requested

  • These abilities can lead to faster SLA response times and give our teams better information to make strong interventions and fixes

  • When you connect your DataMiner Agents to, your connection to our CDMR platform (Customer DataMiner Reporting) is automatically enabled (provided the necessary prerequisites are met). This means daily updates of your system status are sent to us, enabling proactive support by monitoring the health of your operation. Also, for existing DataMiner Agents reporting to CDMR, you will no longer need a mail connection to send the system health information to us.

We are continuing to evolve these remote support features to turn our Operations team into your ultimate DataMiner co-pilot, so you can have peace of mind to get on with running your operation and let us take care of the rest.

All this comes at no extra cost for users with a Perpetual-Use License. For DataMiner Systems running on the usage-based services, this is already the default operational mode.


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