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Requirements for connection to

Before connecting your DataMiner System to, verify that the following requirements are met:

  • All DataMiner Agents in the DataMiner System are running DataMiner version 10.1.12 or higher.


    We recommend that you upgrade to DataMiner 10.2.0 or higher to optimally benefit from all features and capabilities. You can find the installer on DataMiner Dojo.

  • Each DMA that will be connected to can reach the following endpoints:

    • https://*

    • wss://


    At least one DMA in the DMS must be able to reach these endpoints. On DMAs that do not allow network traffic towards *, make sure DataMiner CloudGateway is not installed. From DataMiner 10.3.7/10.4.0 onwards, a Cloud Pack without DataMiner CloudGateway is installed by default when you upgrade or install DataMiner. In earlier DataMiner versions, if you install the Cloud Pack on additional DMAs that do not allow network traffic towards *, after the installation, uninstall DataMiner CloudGateway on those DMAs. See uninstalling a program in Windows.

  • The internal network must allow HTTP(S) traffic via port TCP 5100. For more information about configuring this endpoint, see Custom endpoint configuration.

    • From Cloud Pack version 2.7.0 onwards, connecting using a DMZ and connecting via proxy server are supported.
    • If DataMiner CloudGateway 2.9.4 or higher is installed, you can check whether your network complies with the requirements for using the ConnectionTester.exe tool from the folder Program files\Skyline Communications\DataMiner CloudGateway\.