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Ziine Demo System

The Ziine Demo System allows you to explore many different DataMiner features in a functioning DataMiner System. This includes the standard DataMiner monitoring and Visual Overview features, and also several DataMiner Solutions and standard apps.


See also: Easy access to the DataMiner Live Demo System on DataMiner Dojo Video

Connecting to Ziine

To connect to the Ziine Demo System:

  1. If you do not have the DataMiner Cube desktop application installed yet:

    1. Go to
    2. Log on using your account.
    3. In the top-right corner, select Install DataMiner Cube > Desktop installation.
  2. Open the DataMiner Cube desktop application.

  3. Connect to the DataMiner System "the Ziine Demo System" as described under Opening the desktop application.


    The Ziine hostname is

Having problems connecting?

  1. Check the connection settings and make sure Connection Type is set to Auto. See Overriding the default connection type.

    Connection Type must be set to Auto because all public Agents at Skyline have a unique port for their .NET Remoting connection instead of the default port 8004.

  2. Make sure the authentication pop-up window is triggered. If it is not shown automatically as soon as you try to connect, you can trigger it manually from the login screen:

    1. Fill in your username, but do not fill in a password.

    2. Click the blue arrow icon to log on.

      Logging on to Ziine