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Troubleshooting - process identification


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Main processes

Process Function
SLElement.exe Displays parameters and alarms.
SLDataMiner.exe General DataMiner functionality, e.g. start/stopping elements, checking licenses, etc.
SLProtocol.exe Interprets protocols (i.e. drivers/connectors).

Communication processes

Process Function
SLNet.exe Inter-process communication, cluster communication, etc.
SLNetComService.exe Communication with client applications, etc.
SLDMS.exe File synchronization of cluster and Failover pair, Active Directory polling.

Polling processes

Process Function
SLPort.exe Serial communication, HTTP communication.
SLSNMPManager.exe SNMPv1/SNMPv2/SNMPv3 communication.

Logging processes

Process Function
SLWatchdog.exe Monitors other DataMiner processes and warns when these are not responding.
SLLog.exe Writes logs.

Database processes

Process Function
SLDataGateway.exe Interacts with the database, trending logic, etc.

Other processes

Process Function
SLXML.exe Writes XML to files.
SLASPConnection.exe Generates legacy reports and sends reports/notifications via email.
SLAnalytics.exe AI-driven prediction and other DataMiner Analytics features.
SLHelper.exe Performs various small tasks.
SLBrain.exe Backwards compatibility DataMiner 8.0 Correlation.
SLScheduler.exe Schedules DataMiner tasks.
w3wp.exe Windows worker process of the IIS Web Server.