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Troubleshooting - services

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flowchart TD
%% Define styles %%
linkStyle default stroke:#cccccc
classDef classTerminal fill:#1e5179,stroke:#1e5179,color:#ffffff,stroke-width:0px;
classDef classDecision fill:#4baeea,stroke:#4baeea,color:#ffffff,stroke-width:0px;
classDef classExternalRef fill:#9ddaf5,stroke:#9ddaf5,color:#1E5179,stroke-width:0px;
classDef classActionClickable fill:#999999,stroke:#999999,color:#ffffff,stroke-width:0px;
classDef classAction fill:#dddddd,stroke:#dddddd,color:#1E5179,stroke-width:0px;
classDef classSolution fill:#58595b,stroke:#58595b,color:#ffffff,stroke-width:0px;
%% Define blocks %%
START([Service issue])
GetDELT{{Get a .dmimport package.\nCheck the service configuration.}}
HostInfo{{Is the host of the service \nthe same or different \nfrom the element?\nFind this by editing \nthe service/element, \nwhere you can find \nthe 'DMA:' setting.}}
DifferentHost([Check the service folder.\nCheck the RemoteService folder.])
SameHost{{"Compare the service impact \n(alarm property) \nvs\nthe service state \n(surveyor/card)."}}
DMAsDisconnected{{Are the DMAs disconnected?}}
SyncCheck{{Run Sync Check tool.\nClick node to see how.\nInvestigate why the \nDMAs are disconnected.}}
NotFixed{{"If your issue is not fixed,\ncontact\nInclude all gathered information \nand steps taken."}}
ImpactOrStateIssue{{Service impact \nor \nstate issue?}}
StateIssue{{Check SLElement service states in\nClient Test Tool => Diagnostics => DMA.\nCheck __service_'serviceName'.txt logging.}}
ImpactIssue{{Are there duplicate \ndisplay keys\nfrom partially \nincluded elements?}}
NotFixedProtocolIssue{{Rows should have \nunique display keys.\nContact the author \nof your \nelement's connector.}}
IsolateIssue{{Try to isolate and \nsimulate the actual issue.\ne.g. if the elements \nare partially included\ncheck if it also happens \nwith full inclusion.\ne.g. does the issue \noccur on standalone \nor column parameters?}}
Alarms{{If your issue is not resolved,\nclick this node to go to the alarm flow.}}
%% Connect blocks %%
GetDELT --- HostInfo
HostInfo --- |Different|DifferentHost
HostInfo --- |Same|SameHost
DifferentHost --- DMAsDisconnected
DMAsDisconnected --- |No|SameHost
DMAsDisconnected --- |Yes|SyncCheck
SyncCheck --- NotFixed
SameHost --- ImpactOrStateIssue
ImpactOrStateIssue --- |State|StateIssue
ImpactOrStateIssue --- |Impact|ImpactIssue
StateIssue --- NotFixed
ImpactIssue --- |Yes|NotFixedProtocolIssue
ImpactIssue --- |No|IsolateIssue
IsolateIssue --- Alarms
%% Define hyperlinks %%
click SyncCheck "/user-guide/Reference/DataMiner_Tools/Sync_Check.html"
click Alarms "/user-guide/Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting_Flowcharts/Troubleshooting_Alarms.html"
%% Apply styles to blocks %%
class START classTerminal;
class ServiceConsole,Surveyor,Apps,Trending,SyncCheck,Alarms classExternalRef;
%%class classActionClickable;
class GetDELT,DifferentHost,SameHost,StateIssue,IsolateIssue classAction;
class HostInfo,DMAsDisconnected,ImpactOrStateIssue,ImpactIssue classDecision;
class NotFixed,NotFixedProtocolIssue classSolution;

At any step of this flowchart:

  • your investigation may be complete.
  • you may need to check the log information in SLErrors.txt, SLWatchDog2.txt, SLDBConnection.txt, the element logging, or the __service_<serviceName>.txt logging on each DMA.